Ep.001    /.  30:04:20 @ 15:00HRS BST  

Going for Gold / A Research Primer on Gold-Backed Crypto Tokens

By Garrick Hileman, Head of Research,

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Ep.001    /.  30:04:20 @ 15:00HRS BST  

Garrick Hileman

Head of Research

In conversation with...

Gold, Bitcoin & Hard Money Post-Covid

Garrick & Danny chew the fat over the type of Black Swan event every crypto advocate imagined might eventually  bring fiat money into question.

Danny Master


Coinshares Group

Charlie McGarraugh

Chief Strategy Officer

Crypto RFQ

Macro Trends in the Crypto Markets

Charlie takes a deep dive into the macro trends in the crypto markets in light of the recent events


Philip Gradwell

Chief Economist


Onchain Reaction

This week's onchain insights & observations

Philip tucks into reams of blockchain data to glean some insights as to how it's impacted the crypto markets


Teana Baker-Taylor

Managing Director

Looking Glass Labs

Governance & Guardrails

The 9th Circuit said WHAT?

What looked like a standard bust by The Feds might have deeper implications for Bitcoin following a recent money-laundering conviction in the US.

Stephen Palley


Anderson Kill

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