Ep.002    /.  07:05:20 @ 15:00HRS BST  

Chris Bendiksen

Head of Research


In conversation with...

Bitcoin Halvening Special. Miner Economics

Chris, Pavel & Philipp will dissect the looming third Bitcoin Halving event and look at how miners hedge their risk along with new financing models.


Pavel Moravec


Braiins / Slush Pool

Dr. Philipp Kallerhoff


Protos Asset Management

Matthieu Jobbe Duval

Head of Financial Products


Crypto RFQ

Bitcoin Futures Insights

As Bitcoin derivatives become ever more widely adopted, Matthieu discusses how can futures be used to initiate synthetic USD loans collateralised by BTC


Philip Gradwell

Chief Economist


Onchain Reaction

This week's onchain insights & observations

Philip tucks into reams of blockchain data to glean some insights as to how it's impacted the crypto markets


Teana Baker-Taylor

UK Director


Governance & Guardrails

When Digital Dollars Came to Capitol Hill

This week Teana is joined by ​John Collins, Partner at FS Vector in Washington DC to discuss the three legislative proposals relating to a Digital Dollar in the light of Covid.

John Collins


FS Vector

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