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Richard Johnson

Founder & CEO

Texture Capital

In conversation with...

Crypto Market Integrity - Lessons from Traditional Markets

Things are certainly better than they were, but Richard, Yoann & Chen discuss the micro-structure of the crypto markets & where they still need to improve if institutions are to fully engage.

Chen Arad


Solidus Labs

Yoann Turpin

Head of Trading

Wintermute Trading

Guilhem Chaumont



Crypto RFQ

Hedging your Bets - The Emergence of Bitcoin Options

Bitcoin options are playing an ever-more critical role for the savvy trader to hedge their risk. Guilhem highlights some of the strategies that the professional traders are using.


Philip Gradwell

Chief Economist


Onchain Reaction

This week's onchain insights & observations

Philip tucks into reams of blockchain data to glean some insights as to how it's impacted the bitcoin markets this week.


Teana Baker-Taylor

UK Director


Governance & Guardrails

Policymaker Consultation Update from CryptoUK

The regulators have plenty on their plates right now but the UK has been proactive in laying down the rules. Ian joins Teana to update us on the FCA's consultation paper.

Ian Taylor


Crypto UK

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