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Teana Baker-Taylor

UK Director


In Conversation With...

Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Two years after his acclaimed book, The Bitcoin Standard, was published, Teana welcomes Saifedean to reflect upon a move into the type of economic environment that he had surmised would lead to a wider acceptance of Bitcoin.

Dr Saifedean Ammous

Ass. Professor of Economics

Lebanese American University

Nisa Amoils


Grasshopper Capital

Views on the News

Fidelity's Digital Asset Survey

Fidelity Digital Assets released their full Institutional Investor's survey this week, providing a health check on how traditional investors' opinions are changing towards Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Ria joins Nisa to dig through their findings and discuss Fidelity's road ahead.

Ria Bhutoria

Director of Research
Fidelity Digital Assets

Nisa Amoils


Grasshopper Capital

1008 Blocks

This week’s blockchain & digital assets news wrap

Nisa rounds up this week's news & gets some words direct from the headline makers' mouths

Pete Rizzo

Editor at Large


Nisa Amoils


Grasshopper Capital

Crypto RFQ

This week in the crypto


Philipp joins Nisa to round up the markets this week and takes a look at Difficulty Futures.

Dr Philipp Kallerhoff


Protos AM

Philip Gradwell

Chief Economist


Onchain Reaction

This week's onchain insights & observations

Philip tucks into reams of blockchain data to glean some insights as to how it's impacted the bitcoin markets this week.


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